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The multifunctional ozone therapy system

The digital, battery-supplied and multifunctional Ozonytron-XP comes with three ozone generators enabling the comfortable ozone therapy of various indications in medicine.

The proven ozone electrodes are available as well as a second internal ozone generator for the ozone insufflation with hollow needles in areas, which are difficult to access.

The "Full-Mouth-Desinfection" in dentistry and the gassing in a bag with ozone in medicine for the treatment of, for example, diabetic gangrene (open leg, feet etc.) is possible with the third external ozone generator, the Ozonytron-OZ.

In addition, the Ozonytron-XP in conjunction with the subsidiary unit Ozonytron-OZ has a program level for the low-wear disinfection of instruments, turbines, implants etc. in a fractionated vacuum of "class B" at the place of treatment.

Technical specifications

  • Ozone concentration when using the ozone electrode:
    • 1,000 to 100,000 ppm on the contact surface of the ozone electrodes
    • Concentration depending on the electrode and the selected settings of the device
  • Ozone concentration when using the ozone injector:
    • Flowing in with 1 l/min
    • Using atmospheric oxygen:
      800 to 22,000 ppm
    • Using 99.5 % medically pure oxygen from the gas bottle:
      3,000 bis 100,000 ppm (6 – 200 g/l)
  • Supply voltage:
    100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz
  • Battery operation:
    8 hours (without mains voltage) with intelligent battery monitoring
  • LED display
  • Indications available with the program selection

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