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The optimal assistance

A novel application technology allows the disinfection of all teeth and periodontal ligament in one treatment session within a few minutes. Plasma flows through all teeth, gingivae and mucosae, infiltrates the gingiva and disinfects. A special process controlled atmosphere within the Full-Mouth-Tray ensures that no plasma is inhaled.

In case of diabetic gangrene of the legs, the plasma exposition takes place within a plastic bag, or a large plaster or a cap is used for the plasma therapy of wounds and elimination of bacteria. The use of these treatment methods before and after a surgery sustainably prevents the contamination of the wound resulting in a cure without pain and complications.

Now, an extensive reduction of germs within a single treatment session is possible for the first time.

Further indications

The Ozonytron-OZ makes the sterilisation of your instruments, turbines, implants, plasma electrodes, FMT etc. with plasma in a sterilisation box at the place of treatment within a short period of time possible (10 minutes in a fractionated vacuum of "class B").


The Ozonytron-XP guarantees the safety of the controlled plasma atmosphere (MPS medical product safety). For each type of malfunction of the controlled atmosphere, the Ozonytron-OZ reports an alarm and shuts the system down, if the malfunction is not fixed within a few seconds.

Technical specifications

  • Plasma concentration when using atmospheric oxygen:
    • Streaming in: 1,000 to 64,000 ppm (1 – 129 g/l)
    • Streaming out: 100 to 9,000 ppm (0,2 – 18 g/l)
  • Plasma concentration when using 99.5 % medically pure oxygen from the gas bottle:
    • Streaming in: 5,000 to 192,000 ppm (3 – 387 g/l)
    • Streaming out: 300 to 27,000 ppm (0,2 – 54 g/l)
  • Flowing in with 1 l/min and flowing out with 7,4 l/min
  • Supply voltage:
    Electricity is supplied by the Ozonytron-XP

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